KROM – Noia Kendama

KROM 1% shape ken in beech wood, base cup warp hole and KROM triangle sticker.

61mm LOL® clear coated beech wood tama in NOIA design, ensuring that every single kendama has a unique pattern. Bullseye+ scope and NOIA top scope.

Custom box and stickers also with white string and mini bearing.


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KROM CK shape ken in maple with base cup warp hole, PLASTICITY ken laser engravings and “KROM” pad print on top big cup edge.

61mm LOL® cleared laminated maple tama. Camouflage design in UMBRA colour way with naked / see-through aspects, featuring the SCHLAP scope, now including top scope.

Custom recycled paper box and stickers and white string & mini bearing


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KROM – Pop Kendama

KROM BL shape ken in beech wood with triangle sticker.

60mm rubber clear coated black beech wood tama, 30% white scope with “KROM” tracking stripe.

Custom box and stickers.


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